What Is The Purpose Of Willoughby News?

Willoughby News is focused on bringing interesting and relevant stories regarding the Willoughby area community to residents of the Willoughby area, including neighbouring suburbs. Stories will largely be focused on good news or important community discussions. We don’t believe in focusing on crime or salacious gossip; rather, we want to communicate engaging stories of high relevance to our readership.

What Is Our Promotional Partner Policy?

rather than offer one-off adverts and plaster Willoughby News with adverts, our approach is to strictly limit the number of promotional partners and those who can advertise. In 2019, our approach is to limit the number of promotional partners to 4, plus a locally focused real estate agent. The 4 promotional partner slots will be protected as exclusive; i.e. We will only accept one promotional partner per retail sector/niche/profession/industry (e.g. Only 1 hair salon or only 1 lawyer or only 1 dentist.)

Why Do We Limit The Promotional Partner Offer To 1 Per Retail Sector / Niche / Profession / Industry?

we want to help one promotional partner per space because we believe this will lead to a long-term relationship which will be mutually beneficial. As long as that promotional partner remains with Willoughby News, their competitors will not be able to join our promotional partner program.

Who Will Benefit Most As A Promotional Partner On Willoughby News?

any business or organisation that draws clientele from the Willoughby area will benefit from becoming a promotional partner on Willoughby News. from startups to long-established businesses, this is an opportunity to get your brand in front of our local readers.

Some promotional partners we know will benefit are :

Local service providers such as local dentists, local lawyers, local hair salons, local vets, local restaurants, local medical centres, local beauty salons, local car mechanics, local mortgage brokers, local travel agents, local insurance brokers, local optometrists, local real estate agents and local schools

what can a promotional partner expect from Willoughby News?

promotional partners will be entitled to have an advert run on all articles published. There will be a minimum of 4 articles per month promoted to the area. These articles will carry the adverts of our promotional partners.

Once The Promotional Partner Slots Are Filled, Are There Any Other Advertising Options On Willoughby News?

once the promotional partner slots are filled, we can put you on a waiting list should a slot become available. We also have other advertising options we can discuss with you, but the promotional partners will have the only adverts running on our content.

What Is Our Editorial Policy Regarding Promotional Partners?

we are always looking for interesting stories to relate to the Willoughby community. If a promotional partner has a great story that we can share to our audience, we would be keen to do so. However, by “great story” we don’t mean “john smith lawyers has been in business for 11 years in Willoughby and offers a full range of legal services.” If john smith lawyers were offering a series of talks addressing common legal concerns that would be relevant to a high percentage of the Willoughby community, this could be a potential story that we could cover. Or if joan smith hair salon won an international award for one of their stylists that put them on a pedestal on the world stage, that could be a potential story we could cover. Or if john smith dental became aware of a common dental problem in teenage children and had a special offer service to address that particular problem for the Willoughby community, that could be a potential story we could cover.

What Is Our Editorial Policy Regarding Businesses In General?

we are always looking for great stories regarding local businesses as well as issues of interest to residents of the Willoughby area; however, we are not looking to be a free pr publication. We are always keen to hear about interesting stories that local residents will appreciate but generally will not extend free pr unless there is a very interesting story involved.

How Do I Enquire About Becoming A Promotional Partner?

please send a message to the sydney eastern suburbs news facebook page.