Apart from the weekly garbage collection, hauling bulky household waste happens pretty regularly in Willoughby. This service provided by the Council follows a set schedule every year but residents may also make special requests if they follow certain conditions. 

Here are three important facts you should know about the clean-up collection if you live in Willoughby:

1. Residents are accorded one free pre-book clean-up collection.

Under Willoughby Council, the scheduled large household waste collection takes place three times a year. To know your schedule, simply visit the Council’s official site and enter your house number and street name. 

However, you may arrange for a different collection by pre-booking the service if you missed the scheduled dates. Each household in Willoughby can only make one free pre-booked clean-up collection within the financial year. Should you need more collection schedule, corresponding fees will apply. 

2. Wastes for collection must be properly labeled.

The Council requires residents to properly put a label on their bins during clean-up collections. It should either have the Scheduled Collection or the Pre-Booked Collection label. 

Photo Credit: Willoughby Council
Photo Credit: Willoughby Council

These labels may be downloaded on the Council’s website. However, if you cannot print one, you can put your own label with proper identifications like the collection date, booking reference number (for pre-booked) and your address. 

Labels are necessary to avoid being cited for illegal dumping.

3. Take note of the inclusions and exclusions during the Scheduled Clean-Up collection.

Household furniture
Small appliances
Soft furnishings
Carpet and linoleum (must be cut into 1 metre lengths and bundled. Maximum 0.5m3)
Other non-recyclable household items
Whitegoods and metal items, e.g. Fridge/freezer, washing machine.
TVs and Computers
General household garbage
Small household items
Vegetation, dirt, stones and sand
Car batteries and car parts
Building materials, including bricks, concrete and tiles
Liquids, including paint, chemicals and oil
Gas bottles
Hazardous materials, including volatile liquids, medical waste and explosives
Mirrors and sheets of glass
Photo Credit: Kevin H/Creative Commons

However, vegetation wastes that comply with the conditions may be included in the Pre-Booked Clean-Up collection, while mattresses and foam pick-up may be booked via Soft Landing. The other wastes may be brought to recycling facilities or disposed of during CleanOut events within the community. 

For questions about this service, email the Council at email@willoughby.nsw.gov.au or phone +61 (2) 9777 1000.